Regina Fröhlich, passionate driftwood artist and the drawing hand behind the RabbitHole designs. Main drivers for the desings are the joy for phantastic, surreal things and a lot of love for the detail. Born and living in Austria, the mountaineous landscape plays its part in inspiration, especially for the driftwood creations, which are all built with austrian driftwood.

Fun and creative shirtdesigns. Love for the surreal – and paragliding!

The name “RabbitHole” results from a great faszination for surreal stuff. Like in Alice In Wonderland, where going “down the rabbithole” means entering another world of phantasy and endless wonders. Join us on our journey Down The RabbitHole!

And Paragliding – well what to say! I love it! It’s awesome! That’s why I also create designs about it!