The Artist

Regina Fröhlich RabbitHole - fantastic illustration & design

Regina Fröhlich MSc

Illustrationist and artist

Hi, I’m Regina, I live in Austria, and I
create fantastic worlds, creatures and sceneries on paper.
Fun Facts:*
* I never went to art school.
* I drink instant coffee.
* This shirt is not mine.

Story: Alice in Wonderland
Artist: Salvador Dali
Music: Pink Floyd

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*…wait, she didn’t go to art school? –> Nope, I studied applied geoinformatics.

*…instant coffee… yuck. –> Haha yes, I wanted a quick upper and now I got used to the taste!

*… WTF? –> Yaah what to say. Look, I had just defined my business-colors and didn’t have the right color to wear for the photos. Don’t worry, the owner has his shirt back!